The KurtUSA difference

The last thirty years has seen dramatic changes in dog training. Advancements in the understanding of behavioral sciences has provided today’s trainers with effective methods and strategies to train. Unfortunately, modern advancements have not translated into better equipment for trainers and their dogs. Today, dog training equipment is provided in bulk by companies that are simply importing equipment from outside the U.S. The equipment is typically made using the cheapest materials, with complete disregard for the safety of the dog and trainer, as a means to increase profit margin. Further, the people making and selling the equipment are seamstresses, not dog trainers and handlers. The outcome is that although the prices of dog equipment continues to increase, the quality has actually decreased; until now. 

KurtUSA provides the highest quality dog equipment on the market, bar none. How is this possible? KurtUSA is owned and operated by Gus DeMartino. Gus has over thirty years working dogs around the world as a decoy, trainer and handler. During this time he has been a breeder of working dogs, certified in the Dutch KNPV program, and Master Trainer, and he was a Kennel Master for the U.S. Army. Further, Gus is a craftsmen, trained traditionally in hand-working leather and materials. These experiences combined  provide the foundation for selling dog equipment and makes KurtUSA better qualified than the vast majority of today’s suppliers, but it is not enough. 

KurtUSA is more than an equipment supplier that worked dogs. It goes beyond the ability to make equipment. KurtUSA travels the globe hand selecting materials, creating custom blends of fabric designed for the health and safety of dog and handler and directs the processing of materials such as leather and fabric to increase durability, strength and quality. KurtUSA spends countless hours in research and development for every piece of equipment they manufacture. By using only the highest quality materials and hand-crafting the equipment here in the U.S., KurtUSA stands out among the competition and for most that would be enough. However, KurtUSA is not like other companies. 

The depth of experience at KurtUSA has facilitated the development of designs for equipment that make sense to the trainer and decoy. These designs are not ideas on paper, they are concepts that are tested by real decoys and trainers, modified and perfected. They combine the best quality materials, the input of its users and hand-crafted workmanship. These products are designed for safety, durability and the ability to fill the void in modern equipment. KurtUSA’s custom designs have been purchased by U.S. Military Special Operations units and police organizations around the world. In fact, the design efforts of KurtUSA have been so successful that several are patent-pending.

Lastly, KurtUSA understands that many of the people and organizations whose very safety depends on their equipment are underfunded. To this end, KurtUSA is dedicated to providing the very finest equipment at an affordable price. KurtUSA is truly unique in the dog equipment manufacturing world. As a U.S. based and veteran-owned company, you can be sure that the products you purchase from KurtUSA are simply the best in the world.